Bento Beets!

Have no fear, your endlessly-versatile lunch solution is here!

If you’re anything like us, the luster of back-t0-school rituals is starting to wear thin. What started out as a fun challenge – how can you dazzle your kids with fresh produce, fancy-cut sandwiches, and generally Pinterest-worthy edibles – is becoming a slight hassle.

Even more upsetting is when you start to bore of your own lunches. We love a radiantly healthy salad, but day after day even the tastiest, most vibrant salad can begin to seem slightly monotonous. Enter: the bento box!


This Japanese- originated meal solution dates back to the 14th century, and has become increasingly popular due to its portion-controlling structure, aesthetically pleasing look, and general handiness! Our favorite thing about bento boxes is that they’re endlessly versatile – simply fill each compartment with a nutritious, tasty component and enjoy a leak-free, spill-proof, no-soggy-sammies lunch!

Kids will love having a colorful and “hands on” lunch that looks different day to day. You’ll love having an envy inducing lunch “al desko.” Bento boxes are typically dishwasher safe and far more environmentally friendly than brown bags and plastic wrapping. It’s an all around winner!

Feeling inspired? Have some bento tips for our team? We’d love to hear them!