Natasha Lichty

Brand + Marketing Director

I’m Natasha and I’m the Brand + Marketing Director here at Love Beets. My role is to help build up the Love Beets branding and manage all things marketing, and I love the creativity I get to exercise on a daily basis. I have worked in the Natural Foods Industry the past seven years and am passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle — specifically with healthy food. The best thing about being part of the Love Beets team is the amazing teamwork mentality and the fact that our company mission is so aligned with my own personal values!

I’m probably the only person in the history of the world who ever got in trouble for reading TOO much when I was growing up. I have a pet sheep named Lucy. I once spent a summer photographing and befriending a group of professional boxers in Ghana.

What’s your favorite Love Beets product and why?

I love our Organic Cooked Beets because of their simplicity and versatility.

How do you eat your beets?

Mostly in salads or smoothies, but any way is good!

What quote keeps you upBEET?

“The grass is greener where you water it.”

What inspires you?

Being outdoors. Good design and aesthetically curated “spaces.” People with strong opinions and values. Kindness. Reading.

What’s your favorite healthy habit?

Walking my two hound dogs on a daily basis. The two of them combined weigh a lot more than I do, so it does require a bit of muscle power.

Your favorite Love Beets moment?

The launch of this website!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate, (too much) coffee, Thai food and people watching (preferably while consuming one of those three things).

Before you tried Love Beets, you thought beets were…

Great, but I did hate cooking and peeling them myself.