Best with White Wine Balsamic 

Brunch Board

What to do

  1. Toasted bread + cream cheese + smoked salmon + sliced Love Beets Mild Vinegar Beets + herbs
  2. Toasted bread + white bean spread + diced Love Beets White Wine + Balsamic Beets + Pesto
  3. Toasted bread + burrata + Love Beets Organic Mild Vinegar Beets + Heirloom tomatoes + pesto + freshly cracked black pepper
  4. Toasted bread + sliced avocado + flaky salt and pepper + Love Beets Sweet Chili Beets

A brunch board is perfect opportunity to play and create your own dish! Here’s the ingredients and combinations we came up with but feel free to make your own!

What you’ll Need

Ideas for assembly:
Various flavors of Love Beets
Fresh toasted bread
Fresh Fruit
Fresh vegetables
Smoked salmon
Hummus/other spreads
Fresh herbs