Beet Harvest 2019

Love Beets ain't your grandma's canned beet! The history of beet consumption and production has always been focused in canneries. Love Beets does things differently! From the very beginning we are growing a beet unlike those of the past. With our pursuits into the latest agricultural technologies, high quality seed, and tremendous amounts of time, effort, and of course LOVE, we're creating an unBEETable product!

Its all in the family!  Love Beets works with family owned farms in the region surrounding our production facility. These multigenerational farms know beets! With their years of experience, trial and error, and resources they put a passion behind our product that can’t be beet!

Why upstate NY? The area not only has a rich history of beet farming but provides the perfect combination of soil, climate, and proximity to market!

What’s the process? Come July/August every year we gear up to tackle our annual harvest. This year that meant over 600 acres! Shallow crops, beets actually grow to protrude the soil. Once the beets are ripe for the pulling, we send out the tractor and semi. The tractor snakes along the fields, pulling up the crops and trimming the greens to be recycled back into the earth and fertilize the soil. Batches are unloaded into a semi bed truck and taken 10 minutes down the road to a sorting facility. Here we grade the beets into the different sizes, and prep for production or storage. Once they’re in crates they travel a short 30 minutes to our Love Beet facility. Depending on what product is being produced that day, the beets are washed, cut, cooked, and packaged before being sent off to our awesome customers and stores!

Beets come in all shapes and sizes! In an effort towards more sustainable initiatives we practice something called whole crop utilization. This means we’ve found a home in our product line for all beets big and small. The smaller beets are perfect for our baby beet marinades while our larger beets are great for shredded, diced, and powdered products!

Fresh from the field! Our products are non-GMO, organic, kosher, and gluten-free and we don’t use any preservatives or artificial colors. These days, people want to know exactly where their food comes from. It ends up in your homes and on your dinner tables. We take pride in knowing that our processes and practices are authentic, simple, and clean. It’s real food straight from our farms — the kind of food you feel good about eating!