Back to School Bentos

September means Back to School! Packing lunches can be stressful. We're staying true to our "no mess, no fuss" motto by bringing you some easy Bento options--with BEETS!

Start their day off right with a balanced breakfast! Bite-sized beets are easy for snacking and give them the energy boost they need for the day! Pair with ancient grain waffles and a serving of fruit!

Grab your kids favorite veggies in a rainbow of colors, spread some hummus, and roll up your wrap! So easy and nutritious!

A superfood spin on a classic! The PB & J just got a capital B bonus ( of BEETS)! Find the recipe for our Beet & Berry Jam here.

Mac N Cheese? Yes Please! Turn this comfort food classic into a pretty in PINK meal! Recipe for the Vegan Pink Mac N Cheese here.

Lead image is our Beet Veggie Tots! Recipe here.