Happy Valentine's Day BEET fam! Its one of our favorite holidays to celebrate because well we love LOVE and are just a touch obsessed with pink & red hues. Doesn't hurt that BEETS are one notoriously HEART healthy vegetable!

Here are some of our favorite recipes from our foodie friends! All the ones listed use our Beet Powder, which is 10% off on Amazon from 2/7/21-2/9/21! Use code 10LOVELB at checkout!

Start the morning off with RED heart shaped waffles with this recipe from Lunchesandlittles

OR Red Velvet Overnight Oats from Flora&Vino

Looking for baked goods? Heres some of our favs!

Pink Macarons by HealthyLittleVittles

Heartbeet Brownies by Veggiekins

OR Pink Beet Shortbread Cookies by Butternut Bakery


Looking for more recipes? Check out our recipes tab!