A BEET-iful Thanksgiving

Adding a twist to your Turkey Day classics!

Thanksgiving is a time where we reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. We spend time with family around the table, enjoying all-delicious food for the holiday season! Here at Love Beets, we’re thankful for all our customers, beet lovers, and farmers alike who provide us with the ability to spread the BEET love with the utmost in health, quality, taste, and convenience. We’re ALSO thankful for our ability to bring you guys these delicious Thanksgiving-inspired beet recipes! Check out some of classics below to add a twist to your turkey day traditions!

A great way to start off your Thanksgiving meal is with our Cranberry Honey + Ginger Beet Relish made with our Honey + Ginger Beets. Make the maple popovers as well and you’ll have a tasty beet starter! This is a quick dish to make, with a sweet and tangy taste that will keep your guests satisfied until the main course.

For our non-turkey eaters, we have two options to fill your stomach during your holiday feast. The Jeweled Wild Rice and Beet Stuffed Squash is a filling replacement that is jam-packed with flavor! Made with our Organic Cooked Beets, this recipe looks just as good as it tastes. We also have Vegan Stuffed Shells with our Organic Mild Vinegar Beets & Butternut Squash. These stuffed shells will have you going back for seconds…and maybe thirds!

Thanksgiving is all about enjoying the variety of sides. We decided to put a spin on the classic mashed potatoes and create our Veggie-Beet Mashed Potatoes. These are made with our Organic Cooked Beets, potatoes, cauliflower, parsnips, and more, to create a healthier and tasty side. Not to mention, their beautiful bright color will have everyone excited to try them!

There is only one way to end a perfect Thanksgiving meal, and that is with pumpkin pie! We created a Vegan Beet Pumpkin Pie that won’t make you feel as guilty about eating a few helpings. These mini, single-serving pies are fun to eat and the perfect portion to end your meal. And if pumpkin isn’t your favorite, we give you a squash alternative!

We hope you enjoy a beet-filled holiday with loved ones this year! We can’t wait to hear what you think so make sure to share your celebrations with us here or on Instagram by tagging us with @lovebeets or #LoveBeets.