Living Your Best Year Yet

2018 is the year to make all your dreams and resolutions come true.

February is quickly approaching and we are here to check in on how your New Years’ resolutions, intentions, and goals are going! Here at Love Beets some of our goals for 2018 are: to build more brand awareness by connecting with key media influencers, have increased mindfulness in everyday life, pack a lunch or cook dinner at home more often, and of course to eat more beets! As we set out on this journey together, we want to continue to inspire and encourage your nutritious resolutions by offering a variety of fresh and wholesome Love Beets recipes.

Our first suggestion is a Ruby Red Grapefruit and Beet Smoothie which is sure to give a proper kick off to your morning activities. Liven up your senses with our delicious Organic Cooked Beets, grapefruit, mango, greens, and a hint of mint. Such an easy and quick way to enjoy all of these nourishing ingredients in just a few sips. For extra sweetness, drizzle in some honey and blend it all up!

Another recipe to help you stay on track is our Beet Bacon BLT Salad with Vegan Buttermilk Dressing. This is the perfect lunch or dinner option that features our Organic Cooked Beets, and will provide you with utmost flavor and leave you feeling full. This salad requires a good amount of meal prep time to cook the beet bacon but once it is ready, place some of it on romaine wedges along with a trickle of vegan buttermilk dressing and enjoy! If this unique twist on the traditional BLT requires too much meal prep for your schedule, check out our numerous other salad recipes on our Pinterest board.

Next, for those midday cravings while at the office, running errands, or if you just need a quick snack at home, try these Chewy Purple Power Bars with a White Chocolate Beet Drizzle. Trust us, they taste just as delicious as they look and sound. These power bars are packed with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and the perfect amount of sweetness. And the coolest part is that they are made with our Beet Powder! You won’t get that same earthy beet taste as you would from our other beet products but you still get all the same benefits! In addition, the powder can be used to make a tasty drizzle along with white chocolate and coconut oil. Your mid-day snack cannot get any better this!

Check out even more beet recipes here to stay motivated throughout the year. We would love to hear about your 2018 intentions and goals so please feel free to share them with us here. We have complete faith that you can accomplish all of them! Just take it one day at a time!