Splashing into Summer

Sometimes all you need is a chilled glass of something delicious. That's what we're here for!

Summertime is here – officially! Our team loves the long, lazy days that summer brings, and it doesn’t hurt one bit that this time of year is perfect for bright, fun cocktails! Perfect for a backyard barbecue, a sandy sip, or really just to cool down and rehydrate, we’ve donned our mixology caps to bring together our favorite blends.

Whether you’re sitting at the beach enjoying the ocean breeze or having the neighbors over for appetizers, drinking your beets is the best way to stay hydrated during times of heat and humidity. Shake up these refreshing drinks and “beet” the summer heat!

Did someone say margarita? A Beet Margarita that is! The Love Beets Organic Beet Juice along with high quality tequila gives is tasty combination for a drink with a kick. With only a simple five-minute prep time and you could be sippin’ on a sweet summer cocktail. Grab a lime and some salt because this “Beetarita” will have your taste buds dancing!


Next up on the list of summer spritzers, we have a non-alcoholic juice that will take your mind off the heat. Chill out by the pool with our refreshing Beet, Pink Lady and Grapefruit Juice. This blend requires no more than three ingredients, is whole family friendly, and is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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What better way to celebrate the season of never-ending homemade happy hours than with a “beet-tini”? Classic and classy, our Beet Martini recipe is the ideal choice for any summer soirée. The best part? They’re a simple shake of organic beet juice, maple syrup, vodka, and lemon juice away!


We hope you enjoy these recipes as you splash into summer – we love to hear about your summer adventures, so be sure to share the love!