Springtime Sips

These tasty drinks are a refreshing way to celebrate springtime!

As the skies become more consistently bright and blue, and as tulips and hydrangea peek their pretty faces out from their winter naps, and as weekends are no longer a time to cozily hibernate, we start to crave something sparkling and sweet and slightly boozy. Rest assured, all of our cocktail recipes can be made family friendly by omitting the liquor and upping the beet juice content. Either way, we think warm springtime evenings are a perfect time to sit back and relax with a cool glass of something fabulous.

Though they are simple, spritzers are a staple in our springtime cocktail lineup. In fact, their simplicity might have something to do with their popularity! Delightfully bubbly and bright with a hydrating dose of mineral water, we love their versatility. Whatever frozen fruit you have on-hand perfectly pairs with sweet Organic Beet Juice, and rumor has it that if you eat the garnish, you can count it as one of your five-a-day.


Spice up Saturday morning with a DIY brunch! Bloody Mary Pitchers allow your guests (or your party of one, no judgment here!) to customize their drink based on spice-level and garnish preference. We love that our Organic Beet Juice adds a note of earthy sweetness to counterbalance the tomato juice – and the no-wait time that you enjoy from celebrating the weekend at home instead of at your local brunch spot.


While we would never play favorites, these Moscow Mules are…kind of our favorite. One sip of this effervescent, ginger-y elixir will have you hooked. Our new Organic Beet Juice with a Hint of Ginger provides a more authentic and intense ginger taste than a traditional mule, while maintaining the light freshness that the drink is known for. Bottom line: you have to try it.


You can mix up these un-beet-able beverages at home by ordering your own stash of Organic Beet Juices – simply click here to shop our online store! If you do treat yourself to these seasonal sippers, be sure to tag #lovebeets on Twitter or Instagram so we can revel in your mixologist glory together!