Warmest Wishes
for 2015

"Another fresh year is here,
another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear
To love, and laugh, and give!"

William Arthur Ward’s words ring as true today as ever before, and our Love Beets team plans to heed his advice in 2015: from self-improvement to helping others to traveling the world, we’re aspiring to make 2015 our greatest year ever. Thinking it would be fun to focus on accomplishing one extraordinary thing in the New Year in lieu of traditional resolutions, we’ve each come up with a Big Fun Goal for 2015:

I will do a handstand in yoga.
– Adam C.

This year, I’m going to grow a veggie garden in my backyard.
– Megan

While I’m in Thailand, I want to assist with an elephant training & journey in the mountains.
– Lauren

My “Big Fun Goal” for 2015 is to start an Etsy shop selling handmade greeting cards.
This was also my (sadly unaccomplished) goal for 2014, but this year it’s obviously
going to be different because the words “big” and “fun” are before it.
– Natasha

 My big (disputably fun) goal for 2015 is to clock at least 6,500 miles at my favorite spinning studio!
– Emily

I would like to learn more about Californian Wines and perhaps take a trip out to the Napa Valley.
That or sail around the Bermuda Triangle, I would love to do that this year coming.

Focus on my Spanish studies.
– Cindy

My goal is to get back into the gym!
I loved training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November,
but haven’t worked out since, so it’ll feel great to be back at it.
– Adam M.

I’m going to volunteer once a month at an organization that helps the homeless
and make sure I go on at least five weekend adventures to new places!
– Chloe

My goal for 2015 is to complete an Olympic triathlon.
– Ben

words to live by-2

Since we’re an enthusiastic bunch, team Love Beets brainstormed some significant “words to live by” to guide our year for 2015 on top of our Big Fun Goals. Every team member contributed a word or two, and we’re quite pleased with the outcome (illustrated above). We are so looking forward to sharing another wonderful year with our beets’ fans. Happy New Year!