Child Health Day

Child Health Day is a chance to take a look at your child's nourishment and wellness habits and goals.

While your little one might be bummed out that he or she doesn’t get a day off of school on Monday, October 5, it’s still an important national holiday worth celebrating: Child Health Day. Originally proclaimed by President Calvin Coolidge way back in 1928, the first Monday of October is nationally recognized as a day to evaluate your kids’ current health and make any habitual tweaks necessary to encourage future flourishing.

Obviously every parenting style is different, and every little loved one is different, too! We all know somedays kids scarf down their spinach and beets, and other days it’s all about crackers and peanut butter. And that’s ok. We’re treating Child Health Day as a chance to recommit to nourishing ourselves and our children with vibrant veggies, fresh fruit and wholesome grains.


A handy tip to coax your picky eater into trying new foods? Incorporate his or her natural curiosity into your meal preparation: giving your munchkins creative license as to how they eat their veggies can help to alleviate new-food anxieties and resistance.

While eating whole foods from nature is imperative to overall wellness, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to bond as a family.¬†Creating a space of acceptance and love is just as important to children’s health as eating vegetables and getting plenty of active movement. Coming together in the kitchen to craft (and then eat!) a delicious meal is one of our favorite ways to strengthen our family bonds. Sure, sometimes it’s messier to have a three year old do the stirring, but that time spent together around food can help to positively reinforce healthy habits – and that makes the mess totally worth it!

How does your family plan on commemorating Child Health Day?