Cozy Up with Love Beets Comforts

Nothing suits a crisp autumn evening like a hearty (and healthy) dish of classic comforts.

The weather outside isn’t quite frightful, but it’s safe to say that gone are the days of 85° and delightful. At Love Beets HQ, we’re pleased as can be about current affairs consisting of crisp mornings, vibrant foliage, and pumpkin spice everything. Yep – even us beet experts harbor an absolute adoration for that peskily pervasive flavor profile. In honor of this cozy season, we’ve rounded up our favorite eat-while-wrapped-in-a-blanket recipes:

Loaded up with seasonal sage and gooey Gouda, Beet & Sweet Potato Galette is a perfect make-ahead meal that’s best enjoyed in thick, toasty slices.


A quick but terribly important office poll concluded that pie reigns supreme when it comes to indulgent comfort food. Lucky for us, Vegan Shepherd’s Pie with Curried Beets and Lentils tastes sinful, but is wholly nourishing and spiced for a satisfying flavor!


Decadence is a sandwich – a Grilled Cheese with Beets and Basil Aoili sandwich, to be exact. Each bite is a delicate balance of golden toast, sweet beets, bright greens, and impossibly melty cheese. Also known as heaven.


Who says you have to wait for the afternoon to get your cozy on? Warm Breakfast Cakes drizzled with raw honey are our kind of “good morning.”


Raise a (classy, guaranteed to impress your guests) glass to autumn by shaking up a Rosemary Beet Martini or two!


Did you just cancel your weekend plans in favor of your couch, a juicy TV series, and a plate piled high with Love Beets-inspired recipes? Us too. Let’s be friends!