This autumn, you won't be able to help yourself from falling in love with these flavorful recipes!

With school back in session and the weather beginning to change, there is no better time to change up usual meals with fresh recipes that will fuel our bodies to get us through each day. We have rounded up four A+ ideas that are all made with nutritious and satisfying ingredients that will have you captivated.

Love Beets forbidden rice bowl recipe

To start, our Farmer’s Market Forbidden Rice Bowls with Pesto Sauce is the ideal alternative to any salad. Full of mouth-watering veggies and warm rice, all that is left to do is add a drizzle of pesto sauce and you’re ready to enjoy. Go ahead and invite guests over to enjoy this nutrient-rich rice bowl featuring our Organic Cooked Beets. They don’t have to know how quick and easy it was to make but it will surely knock their socks off!

Young or old, this Beet and Berry Yogurt Parfait will have you thinking about the school lunch staple, PB&J. The Parfait takes on a new, fun twist of the classic sandwich by incorporating our Organic Cooked Beets, fresh-picked berries, and flourless peanut butter cake squares. The sweetness from the beets and berries mixed with the flavors of peanut butter and Greek yogurt creates the perfect combo to fulfill all cravings. This recipe may very well become your new go-to. Back to school has never been easier or this delicious!


If you have ever wanted to try making your own bagels, these ones beet all others. Bagels are super easy to take on-the-go and this recipe has the added benefits of our Organic Cooked Beets and guaranteed freshness since you make them in your own kitchen. There are countless ways you can eat these Beet Everything Bagels, so have fun with it! To help you out, we have listed a few of our favorite toppings:

Cream cheese and berries

Sliced avocado, micro greens, crushed red pepper flakes, and sea salt

Peanut butter and sliced banana with honey and poppy seeds

Sliced tomatoes over hummus with micro greens and everything seasoning

Lastly, what describes autumn more than pumpkin spice? This fall we would like to introduce our Pumpkin Spice Beet Smoothie and it could not be easier to make. In a blender with our Organic Cooked Beets, whip up a delightful smoothie with all of fall’s favorite ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. As the leaves begin to change color, one sip of this smoothie will get you in the seasonal spirit and boost your immune system. What can beet that?!

Have you FALLen for any of our recipes? We would love to hear from you!