Five Fantastic Beet Juice Blends

Sip happy with these fun riffs on classic beet juice goodness!

So you think you love beet juice. Everything about its luscious, rich taste and invitingly dark hue makes you happy, and its myriad health benefits are simply an added bonus. We’re about to rock your world with our five twists on Organic Beet Juice – be warned, a few of these suggestions are for Love Beets fan who are 21 or older!:

  1. Welcome to Margaritaville. Yep, we went there. A simple four-ingredent blend, our Beet Margarita recipe is tasty and original. You might be surprised at how well tequila and beet juice go together (and there’s nothing like detoxing while you retox!).
  2. Glitz it up with Ruby Juice. Simply pour one part Organic Beet Juice and one part sparkling water over crushed ice, and prepare to be dazzled by your bejeweled beverage.
  3. Just when you thought martinis couldn’t get any more indulgent! Our Beet-tini is silky, moody, and oh-so-yummy
  4. Feeling light and bubbly? A Beet Spritzer is the perfect balance of vegetable and fruit juice (yes, we’re counting wine as fruit juice, here!).
  5. When you’re craving something bright and refreshing, a Beet Blended is the way to go. In your favorite mixer, pour equal parts Organic Beet Juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a handful of dark frozen fruit, like cherries or blueberries. Blend until incorporated and enjoy!

Which of these beet juice mix-ups inspires you most? We’d love to see what you come up with – tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!