Plant-Based Portions

From #halfyourplate to using meat as a condiment, veggies are take center stage!

It’s become quite common knowledge that as a global community, we should make a conscious effort to centralize our veggies and move meat to “satellite status” when it comes to our meals. From social media initiatives like #halfyourplate and #meatlessmondays, to social movements towards eating locally grown, organic produce, it’s fair to feel somewhat inundated by information regarding what to eat. Lucky for us, it’s pretty simple:



In all seriousness, if you’re trying to eat a little leaner, the easiest way to achieve that goal is by making vegetables the primary focus of your plate. There’s no need for hunks of meat – in fact, most Americans consume too much protein in one sitting for their bodies to properly metabolize and utilize! Treating meat as a condiment, or generally as a flavor profile instead of the bulk of your meal, is a fantastic way to naturally increase your intake of greens and whole grains.

Nourish your body with a rainbow of foods, and remember that the more vibrant colors are present on your plate, the more likely you are to be consuming essential phytonutrients. Deeply hued vegetables like spinach, beets, kale, sweet potato, and swiss chard pack huge nutritional punches, and should be incorporated as frequently as possible. If you choose to eat meat, try to keep your portions to about the size of your fist. There’s no need to have half your plate burdened by a hunk o’ meat when it could be adorned with a veritable jewelry box of veggies!

Does the idea of being a plant-powered person tickle your fancy, but you don’t know where to start? We have a bevy of inspirational, primarily vegetarian recipes to kick start your journey!

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