Getting Back to Our Roots

Who wouldn't want the smarty-pants crew from Back to the Roots as their nutrition education study buddy?!

Staying true to your roots means eating real food. It means eating fruits and veggies that, yes, grew with their roots in rich, dark dirt. This seems obvious, but in a world full of cleverly-marketed packaged foods (such as products that have “fruit” in the name but zero fruit in the ingredients list), it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. We’re here to help!

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Your body needs a whole rainbow of nutrients to stay strong and healthy – a good rule of thumb is to load your plate up with as many colors and textures as possible! No beige meals for us, please!

Here at Love Beets, we aim to make a wholesome, nutrient-rich lifestyle more attainable by taking the laborious, messy prep work out of our powerhouse root veggie. Our ready-to-eat beets are bursting with antioxidants, minerals, and macronutrients (and they’re pretty darn tasty.) We pride ourselves on providing the utmost in health, quality, taste, and convenience to beet lovers and beet newbies alike, and we’re tickled pink to make friends with a group of people who aspire to the same healthy goals – enter, team Back to the Roots!

Besides our mutual adoration of ground-grown goodies, we realized that our companies share a passion for spreading the good food gospel. We love Back to the Roots’ “Grow One, Give One” initiative, which actively brings nutrition education into the classroom. Talk about getting down to the root of the issue – there’s no better way to jumpstart a healthy life than by enriching children’s lives with education and by arming them with knowledge and awareness about what real food is and where it comes from.

Grow One, Give One has currently provided over 2,300 schools nationwide with their growing kits so that students can see firsthand where their veggies are coming from. Kids can learn to take care of the plants themselves, track their progress, and try delicious, organic produce…that they helped to grow right in their classroom!

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You can participate in Back to the Roots’ Grow One, Give One by clicking here, and be sure to enter for your chance to win back-to-school swag from both of our companies!