Fall’s Favorite Couple

When sweet, earthy beets and freshly picked apples are in the mix, you know it's going to be good.

As the weather cools down and evening falls earlier and earlier everyday, all our little Love Beets hearts desire is a bowl (or plate…or mug) of something indulgent and toasty. Of course, we also value our overall health and wellbeing, so rationalize the season of comfort food by making sure all of our coziest creations are bright and bountiful and bursting with fresh produce.

What we love about eating seasonally, especially in the fall, is that the autumn harvest offers up some serious soul food that is as spiritually satisfying as it is nutritionally satiating. Crisp apples, fluffy farro, buttery squashes, and spicy cinnamon are all in their prime at this time of year, so we’ve rounded up recipes that highlight our favorite seasonal pairings!

Beet + Cinnamon

Bellywarming and brilliantly ruby-toned, our Fireside Cocktail packs a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory ginger…and a different kind of healthy dose of bitters and apple-scented vodka! We love that the base of our Organic Beet Juice with a Hint of Ginger gives the cocktail a silky-sweet foundation, the flavorful bursts of fresh orange juice and diced honey crisp apples, and the aromatic cinnamon sticks that not only taste amazing, but give the cocktail itself an Instagram-worthy air of elegance. Cheers!

Beet + Apple

What’s more comforting than taking that first gooey bite out of a grilled cheese? Crunch through that golden brown crust to a center of liquid gold that (if made correctly) draws apart like curtains when you pull the diagonally-cut slices away apart. Cue: nostalgic, cheese-induced happiness. Since we’re grown ups and all, we upgraded the classic grilled cheese to a cravable stack of fall flavors. Sweet beets contrast against crunchy apples which contrast against sharp cheddar. A sneaky swipe of spicy mustard adds a zing that sings. You need these in your life.

Beet + Butternut Squash

Caught somewhere in that doughy realm between pizza and flatbread, this Beet, Butternut Squash, and Kale creation delivers in crowd-pleasing flavor where it lacks in definitive food category. Fresh rosemary and thyme are baked into the dough itself, lending layers of harvest-y tastiness amid melty ricotta and a generous amount of garlic. Studded with our organic cooked beets and butternut squash, this is a fiber and potassium packed antidote to the chilly weeknight doldrums!

Beet + Grains

This recipe actually checks two fall-essential boxes at once: our Roasted Cauliflower, Beet, and Wheatberry Salad is a sweet, nutty medley of kabocha squash, wheat berries, and our yummy beets. Drizzled with a fresh orange-maple dressing, this dish a dream team of protein, fiber, and a spectrum of B-vitamins that will keep you healthy all season long! While they’re not as well known as their trendier cousins quinoa and farro, wheat berries are whole grains that are an excellent source of phosphorus, manganese, and selenium, and their hearty texture adds a satisfying chew to salads, soups – you name it!