Spooky Snackin’

Check out our favorite ways to crush our candy cravings!

Is it just us, or is there something about the thermometer dropping that makes us much more likely to snag an extra piece of post-lunch chocolate or to order a syrupy coffee drink in lieu of our normal black brew? We crave warmth, coziness, and comfort – and because we’re human, that can translate to all things sugary, creamy, carb-y. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a candy bar here or a PSL there (hey, we’ve all had those days), but we like to balance out those cravings with more plant-based, whole-foods rooted snacks and treats that curb our candy cravings and dose our bodies with micronutrients galore!

Ooey-gooey and delightfully creepy-crawly, no Halloween season is complete without a big ol’ bowl of Worms and Dirt. Packed with antioxidants from raw cacao and organic beets, plenty creamy thanks to ripe avocados, and just sweet enough due to vanilla and almond milk, these treats are kid-friendly and grown-up approved!


Fine, we decided to include this recipe because of that haunting neighborhood myth – you know, the one about looking in the mirror, saying “bloody mary” three times, and spinning in a circle? Toast your childhood fears with an extra-strong batch of Bloody Mary Pitchers!


The only thing creepy about Superfood Ghosts is how decidedly not-scary their ingredient list is: nourishing goodies like hemp hearts and almond butter add a thick, decadent texture while organic beets and shredded coconut up the sweetness without overloading on saccharine sugar! Bonus points for taking the time to googly-eye decorate – it really does make all the difference.!


The perfect adornment for a mondo mug of velvety hot chocolate, Sweetheart Marshmallows are easy to make, fluffy pillows of soul-sweetening goodness. We’ve never tried to roast them, but imagine they’d burn beautifully for a pink-hued autumn s’more!


Speaking of campfire activities, this blend of apple vodka and fresh cinnamon packs one heck of a fall-time punch! Blend up a batch of Fireside Cocktails, featuring the spicy warmth of our Organic Beet Juice with a Hint of Ginger, for a a sippable warder for night time chills. This one’s grown ups only, too!