Homemade Holiday Gifts

Back away from the mall - these seasonal gifts require zero department store stress!

When it snows, you’ll be chilling – because you’ll have all of your holiday gifts baked and wrapped up in a sparkly bow, ready to give at a moments notice! We’re taking a stand against unwanted candles and excessive socks this year and giving our family and friends what they really want: namely, festive treats that are best enjoyed next to a crackling fireplace while listening to Christmas carols on repeat.

All you need is an hour in the kitchen, some twinkly twine, and bellies who appreciate sweet treats sans sugar crash.

Up first? A play on everyone’s favorite healthy-ish cookie, our Figgy-Beet “Newtons” have a jam filling that’s sticky and sweet and a crumbly, buttery pastry that’s to die for. Turn up the Saint-Nick-status by showering the cookies in a light blizzard of powdered sugar just before serving.


You’re six ingredients and a few fun minutes of hand rolling away from Superfood Snowball heaven. These little guys are clean, simple, and bright. Their ingredients boast healthy fats and antioxidants, so they’re really a win-win.


Traditional red velvet is chock-full of artificial colors and chemicals. This recipe for Paleo Red Velvet Fudge is chock-full of cacao, organic beet juice, and just enough sweetness to make them a treat. We love their warm hue – for best results, go liberal with the chocolate chip topping!


What do you think about giving edible gifts this year? Let us know if you give it a whirl!