You make my heart skip a “beet”

Make your Valentine’s heart skip a “beet” with these amazing all-natural, V-day themed recipes! No matter your special someone (whether it’s your mom, friend, significant other, or yourself) these tasty treats are sure to warm hearts. We’re talking physically and mentally!

Beets are finally getting the “superfood” status they deserve due to all of the ways they can nourish our bodies. Beets can promote a healthy heart, liver, cholesterol, better bones, and more. There have even been studies of increased sex drive due to the high levels of boron that beets contain (wink, wink!).  The best way to eat your beets is to incorporate them into fun and tasty dishes, and we’ve created the perfect beet-filled Valentine’s Day menu for you to do just that.

Warm, bright, and pink! Let’s start the day off right by waking up to a beautiful Beet Latte made with our 100% pure Beet Powder. Did you know that beets can increase your stamina? So naturally, these lattes are a perfect way to get the day rolling! Click here for the recipe, and experiment with the amounts of beet powder to your preferred liking!



Next up on the menu are some Beet Raviolis for dinner! Make a delicious and unexpected supper for that special someone using our Organic Cooked Beets in this almost too-pretty-to-eat recipe. What are the chances they would expect PINK Pasta?!



Top off the night with these cuties! What better way to say, “I love you” at the end the night than with these delicious Beet Powder Sugar Cookies.  Mold the cookies into your favorite heart-shapes and show your loved one some V-Day creativity!



Happy Valentine’s Day from the Love Beets family!