Homemade Winter-Chill Warders

Ditch the DayQuil - we've got an all-natural cold crusher

Long lauded by herbalists and natural remedy enthusiasts for its ability to curb cold and flu symptoms, Fire Cider is having a mainstream moment and we couldn’t be happier. This spicy elixir, composed of “warming” elements like garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and horseradish, develops a piquant potency through its weeks-long brewing process that aids your body’s fight against winter blues.

Your body’s circulation naturally increases from these spices, which bestow anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and decongesting benefits upon the cider sipper herself. We like to brew ours up with beets, fresh lemon, and rosemary, to deepen the flavor profile and add a rosy hue.

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Once your tonic has marinated to the strength that you desire (we recommend at least two weeks of shelf-time before digging in), you can choose how you incorporate the liquid into your daily routine. Some purists prefer “health shots” in the morning – that is, taking a one-ounce “shot” of the undiluted liquid to rev up your body’s system first thing in the morning.

Others prefer to mellow out the experience by mixing the tonic into 8oz of warm water. For those who find the pungent taste too much, we recommend boiling the fire cider and gently inhaling the steam. You’ll still receive the detoxifying elements, and gradually can work up to consuming the liquid itself.

Think you’ll brew up a batch? Let us know how it turns out!