Road Trippin’ to Rochester

Some of our team zipped up to upstate New York to check out the progress at our brand new production facility!

Though our beets and brand are deeply rooted in family-owned British farms (and groan-worthy puns), America’s appetite for Love Beets has grown immensely since we came into the market back in 2010. Our evolution stateside has been endlessly encouraging and exciting, and we were thrilled to share our news with you last spring that we would be transitioning from UK-based operations into a USA growing and production facility. Since then, we’ve transformed a 100,000 square foot former warehouse in Rochester, NY, into a state of the art beet factory.

beets in bin

We moseyed on up from our Philadelphia headquarters to take a peek at how things are coming along at the worksite, and were blown away by what we saw! Not only does our new facility have brilliantly  beet-purple floors throughout, its size and design allows for more product innovation and and environmentally friendly practices, and we will be able to source our beets from American farmers! Most of the time, our beets will hail from Western New York, which has optimal soil and temperature conditions for the sweetest beets, and we will also draw from crops in Texas and Colorado as the seasons change.

Bottom line? Lots of US-grown beets are coming your way.

Love Beets bins

…Seriously, a lot of beets are coming your way. We even got to watch a production run of our Cooked Beets and to chat with the newly-hired line operators and production managers while we were there, and the positive energy was palpable!


Obviously, with all this beet expansion comes plenty of local jobs: so far, Love Beets Production has hired 51 Rochester natives, with plans to increase the workforce to 140 by the end of the year.

We couldn’t be happier with the progress we saw on our little tristate jaunt, and would love to hear what you’re most excited about, too!