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Overly-processed, fluorescent V-Day treats are a thing of the past

“The secret ingredient is one heaping teaspoon of love”…and a cheeky hint of Love Beets! Here at Love Beets, we love love (say that five times fast) almost as much as we love all-natural, wholesome food. In the name of love, Valentine’s Day, and all things tinted pink, we’ve rounded up our go-to recipes for the international day of sweetness and butterflies in your belly.

Raise your hand if you’re kind of thrilled that Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year – our hands are way, way up. We’re using this holiday as a total excuse to wake up slow, snuggle up under our comforters, and savor every sweet bite of these pancakes.


For those seeking subtle sweetness, these darling, delicate marshmallows will work a treat. Substitute agar-agar for the gelatin to make these gems vegan friendly, and experiment with different strengths of beet juice to create deeper or lighter hues!


Valentine’s Day is not complete without a truly indulgent, creamy, decadent, rich dessert. Whipping up a batch of mini mousse for a loved one, whether that loved one is your partner or yourself, is an absolute must. Coconut milk lends a silky texture that will keep you dipping your spoon over…and over.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from our Love Beets family to you and your loved ones! Giving one of these love potions a whirl? We’d love to hear about it.