Love Beets Loves Going Gluten-Free!

Packed with nutrients & plenty of versatility, Love Beets are a grocery list staple!

Gluten, simply a protein found in wheat and grains, has achieved infamy in mass media and grocery stores alike. Why? While a small subset of our population cannot consume gluten due to celiac disease – about 1 in every 133 (<1%) Americans suffers from this auto immune disorder – as many as 30% of Americans are making an effort to live “gluten free.” Some members of that considerably sized group could be allergic to wheat; some, suffering from a non-celiac gluten sensitivity; some, choosing to abstain from gluten because they like to keep their diet quite clean. Whether your reasons for avoiding gluten are medical or moonlighting, Love Beets has your back!

Nearly everything with a Love Beets sticker on it is gluten free, making this convenient superfood a “must buy” on your next gluten-free grocery excursion. Since wholesome ingredients that actually taste good are imperative to a happy and healthy life, not only is integrating beets into your gluten free regime easy, it comes with mountains of nutritional rewards!

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Beets contain betaine and potassium, which cleanse the liver and help to lower blood pressure, respectively. They’re also a fantastic natural source of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow and oxygenates the muscles, preventing fatigue and improving stamina. This is far from an exhaustive list of Love Beets attributes: if it stirs up your beet-fact curiosity, by all means mosey over to our Fun Facts & Tidbits page!

It’s one thing to be a fountain of beet knowledge, but it’s another to actually put all of those yummy nutrients to work in some seriously delicious dishes! We’ve rounded up some gluten free goodies that are near and dear to our hearts to help inspire your culinary creations!


When you’re craving something totally acidic and satisfyingly crunchy, this Beet, Apple, Carrot, Ginger Slaw will do the trick. To put smiles on the whole family’s faces, substitute corn meal for wheat flour in this recipe for Beet Pesto Pizza (and prepare to be amazed at how much your kids love pink pizza!). Or, have your cake and eat it, too, with these Superfood Truffles – they’re loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants, along with a decadent cacao taste. Speaking of healthy fats, we’re nuts for this rose-hued Crispy Citrus Salmon.

For more recipe inspiration and gluten-free lifestyle tips, we couldn’t recommend Gluten Free Jules or Fooduzzi any higher! These ladies know their whole foods, and boy, do they know how to use ’em.

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Please note that the author of this blog is not a medical professional, and all information is a result of research and opinion. Any health questions should be directed towards your primary care physician.