Not Your Mama’s Beet Soup

Borscht, schmorscht: these beet soups will make your tastebuds happy!

When days are short and nights are long, and you feel ever so slightly “meh” about your day, we prescribe a comfy couch, a steaming bowl of soup, and a chunk of crusty bread for dipping. The shifting seasons have us craving comfort foods (the more soul-warming, the better), but giving into every cheesy or sugary craving will not do your mental state any favors in the long run. We’ve brought together our favorite superfood soup recipes — they’re beet based, nutrient dense, and we guarantee they’ll do the toasty trick.

Subtly spicy with a harvest-season aroma, Beet Fennel Soup with Roasted Chickpeas is a vegan soup that will have omnivores ladling gratuitous seconds into their bowls. It packs a chickpea-fueled protein punch with bonus anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the recipe’s generous garlic quota – and its green/red contrast is just too perfect for this time of year.


Loaded with good-for-you fats and omegas from coconut milk, olive oil, and cashews, along with immunity boosting spices like cumin and paprika,  Beet Soup with Cumin Cashew Cream brings whole new meaning to the term “plant powered.” Even more exciting? You get to add “making cashew cream” to your “I can do that!” repertoire.


There are few things as satisfying as everyone’s favorite beet and goat cheese combination. We’ve upped the ante (and the visual appeal!) by transforming that people-pleasing appetizer into hearty Beet Soup with Goat Cheese Croutons.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.12.20 AM

Do our beet soup spins light a fire in your belly, or are you more of a traditional borscht lover? Let us know!