A Good Mood Food

The weather outside is frightful, but Love Beets will make it delightful

If you’re anything like us, few things make you happier than opening up a fresh package of Love Beets. Whether you’re a Honey & Ginger lover or a Cooked Beets purist; a Beet Bar grab-n-goer or an Organic Beet Juice sipper, there’s always a Love Beets item that makes you happy.

Did you know that there’s a scientific reason that these little earth gems make you feel good? Now you do!


Beets are a fantastic source of the chemical betaine anhydrous and the amino acid tryptophan, both of which are shown to improve your mood.

Betaine is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body, but is also found potently in beets, spinach, seafood, and wine. Guess that gives us another reason to whip up a batch of Spiced Mulled Wine tonight – such a tough life! Beyond being a fantastic mood booster, betaine has also been shown to help with treating liver disease, depression, osteoarthritis, congestive heart failure, and obesity.

While it might get a bad reputation for making you doze off after your Thanksgiving feast, tryptophan does your mind and body good! In order for your body to manufacture serotonin, the neurotransmitter known as the “happiness hormone,” it needs a sufficient supply of tryptophan. Along with beets, foods like nuts, seeds, lentils, beans, eggs, fish, and (of course) turkey are also wonderful sources of tryptophan, making meals like our Sweet Potato, Beet, and Black Bean Tacos an ultimate “happy meal.”

Fancy science words and chemical talk aside, we can banish those winter blues by loading up on beets. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered!