Warm Wishes for a Sweet New Year

Spread sweetness in 2016

No matter how you and your family celebrate at this time of year, feelings of happiness, generosity, and community abound. For lots of us, the holidays are a time to share memories and laughter — usually while sharing tasty goodies. At Love Beets, we’re going against the “new year, new me” grain by rounding out our very sweet year with some of our favorite dessert spins. Don’t get us wrong – we adore all things wholesome, healthy, and plant based. But sometimes, you just need some cake, too.

Perhaps one of the most classic beet-in-dessert recipes, these Red Velvet Cupcakes are dense, rich, and surprisingly abundant in detoxifiers like coconut oil, beets, and cinnamon. We vote “yes” to going full-fat and full-sugar for the frosting, because there’s nothing quite like authentic buttercream.


These Pots de Crème are like little tubs of warm, silky mousse, and we love them down to the last bite. Make them ultra-tasty by topping with lightly toasted almonds or coconut, fresh berries, or whipped cream (or, realistically, all of the above).

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It’s been said that 2015 was the year of the avocado, and all we have to say is that 2016 better continue that trend! These Superfood Truffles blend buttery ‘cado with sweet beets, bold vanilla, and plenty of cacao for a bite size burst of mind-body benefits.


We’ll be whipping up these smile-inducing saccharine snacks in honor of a truly lovely 2015, and in sweet anticipation of a 2016 that will be one for the books!