Healthy Mind, Happy Life

"Ditch the resolutions. To resolve means to find a solution to a problem. You are not a problem." - Danielle Doby

We couldn’t agree more with the wise words from Danielle Doby. Whether you reflect on 2015 with feelings of positivity or negativity, it’s important to realize that any experiences or events that you encountered are an opportunity to learn and to grow and maybe to shift your habits.

What we’re saying is that we’re not treating the changing of the last digit on our calendars as a call to dramatically alter our eating habits and exercise regimes and relationship status and career paths. We’re looking back to look forward: what did we do in 2015 that sparked creativity and made us feel healthy and whole? What did we do that sparks feelings that aren’t quite so sunshine-y? How can we make these awarenesses into actions that will benefit us not just for the year to come, but for our lifetime and for our family’s lifetime?

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We’re calling for 2016 and beyond to be a place for nourishing relationships with what we eat and who we eat with. Without condemning the sugary desserts and butter-laden side dishes of the holidays, we’re committing to sharing our love of healthy ingredients and tasty recipes with our community. Whether the recipe that speaks to you today is a detoxifying smoothie or a melty baked brie, choosing to put it all together and truly enjoying the outcome is all that really matters.

Don’t sweat the resolutions. Don’t worry if you’ve already “fallen off” your clean routine – what matters, in our veggie-lovin’ eyes, is that you’re being you (“newness” not required!).