Nutrition November!

Reset and refresh before tackling the season's eatings

As you may or may not know, November is nationally recognized as Good Nutrition Month. While every month (and every day, for that matter) is a chance to commit or recommit to eating healthfully, moving and playing, and strengthening your relationship with yourself and everyone around you, we like to take this “official” time to really dial in on our current habits and potential lifestyle tweaks.


Coming off of Halloween’s sugar surge, November is an ideal time to pay extra-close attention to the food choices that we make. ‘Tis the season for candy bowls in office kitchens, holiday parties, Thanksgiving, friends-givings, holiday happy hours, Christmas celebrations, cookie swaps, Hannukah dinners, New Years Eve libations – we’re all about socializing, but this seems like a lot of potentially not-great noshing moments in the making.

We’re using Good Nutrition Month to refocus on the important stuff, like eating for nourishment and enjoyment. There’s nothing wrong (in fact, there’s everything right!) with scarfing a pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie here or sipping a mug of mulled wine there to celebrate the season. We balance out those yummy indulgences by diving deep into our handy roster of superfood saturated recipes for nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Of course, this is a busy time of year for everyone, but we’ve got that covered, too! Organic Beet Juice is a delicious and nourishing on-the-go drink (that handily matches fall’s foliage: total is a win-win).


By loading up on seasonal fruits and veggies, we reap the benefits of nourishing meals without missing out on any festivities. It’s all about balance – and one slice of apple pie won’t tip the scale.

How do you plan on honoring Good Nutrition Month? We’d love to know!