An Up-beet Turkey Day Twist

Beyond (or perhaps instead of!) traditional Thanksgiving table staples

We would never knock the creamy deliciousness of buttery mashed potatoes nor the pillowy goodness of a just-baked dinner roll – and don’t even get us started on the pure joy that is a ladle of salty gravy – but we’re also never one to settle! As we munch our way through the holiday season, we love to dust off grandma’s cookbooks and whip up those nostalgic family favorites – but, being the creative health nuts that we are, we also like to experiment with bringing new flavors and colors to the table.

In addition to those tried-and-true traditional staples, we’re going to grace our Thanksgiving table with these vibrant, healthified reimaginings (and of course, we had to share them with you!).

Get the party started with a festive pitcher of Autumn Sangria. Warmly spiced with a jolly good kick of citrus liquor, this ruby-red sippable will be an instant classic.


Throw your guests a crunchy curveball with this addictingly fresh Fennel, Beet, and Squash Salad. Seasonal squash and a sultry cinnamon-maple balsamic are the perfect balance of sweet and savory.


Without totally going back on our prior assertion that we’re mashed potato loyalists, we have to say that this Beet & Sweet Potato Mash with Thyme takes creamy carbs to the next level. Best part? They’re vegan and positively packed with superfoods!


For a fun side that isn’t your standard stuffing, Stuffed Acorn Squash takes the title of “best bet.” Adorably suited for individual serving, guests can help themselves and “squash” any junkier-version cravings!


Have a family favorite that you’re bursting to tell us? We’re all ears!