Back to School with Love Beets

Messy backpack proof and bursting with good-for-you whole foods, Beet Bars are a back to school must!

Try as we might to pack those back-to-school lunch boxes with chopped fruit and veggie batons (with visions of our sugarplums happily noshing on these unprocessed munchies at snack and lunch time), we all know it’s not uncommon to unpack smushed bananas or half-bitten carrot sticks from the bottom of the bag at the end of the day.

Getting kids to fuel up with nourishing, whole foods during the school day puts a lot of faith in their willingness to eat what is packed for them — and lets face it, sometimes browned apple slices just aren’t going to cut it. Enter: the Beet Bar.


Loaded with the equivalent of two beets along with plant-based ingredients like real apple, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and pea protein, these bars are good sources of protein and fiber. Plus, they’re naturally sweet and non-GMO. The real kicker? They’re a nut-free bar that your little one can tote to school without worry of major allergens.

Our truly favorite thing about our Beet Bars is that they’re a tasty gluten-free bar that both kids and their busy moms and dads can enjoy! Free from refined sugars and similar “junk,” there’s nary a worry to be had about what you’re feeding your family and yourself. Oh, and they can be tossed into a handbag, backpack, fannypack (hey, we don’t judge!), or back pocket for totally transportable nourishment.

Check out all our flavors here, and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments!