National Organic Harvest Month

We're celebrating National Organic Harvest Month with our USDA-Certified Organic products!

We’re officially bidding a fond farewell to summer and embracing all things autumn. Bring on the crackling bonfires, roasted root veggies, snuggly sweaters, and of course, all things “harvest.” What better way to usher in our favorite season that begins with an “f” than by celebrating National Organic Harvest Month?

We couldn’t be prouder of our USDA-certified Organic products: our Organic Beet Juice, Organic Cooked Beets, and Organic Mild Vinegar Baby Beets. Securing this certification is achieved by passing stringent standards so that only the most qualified can bear the label.

The process is multifaceted and focuses on everything from the growing site’s preservation of natural resources and biodiversity to the avoidance of genetically modified ingredients. Our organic farms receive annual inspections to ensure that we’re upholding our commitment to eliminating synthetic materials like pesticides and antibiotics.

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To honor this national recognition of organic harvests everywhere, we’re whipping up some of our favorite recipes – a rustic and homey Beet & Sweet Potato Galette followed by a sinful-tasting (but totally healthy, promise!) Blueberry Beet Cheesecake should do the trick.

Are you and your family going to make an extra effort to incorporate organic produce into your meals this month? Let us know!