An Egg-cellent Spring Celebration

Feeling less than "hop"-timistic about what to do with all of your leftover Easter Eggs?

A “hoptimist!” Ahh, springtime. A time for sunshine, a time for flowers, a time for bad jokes, a time for rebirth, a time for revitalized spirits, a time for…lots of Easter eggs. Those festive little orbs are a must in some circles (and hey, they’re just plain fun to make). Here’s how we craft ours, and what we do with the delicious post-holiday detritus!

As you may or may not have noticed, we love to go au natural. Why junk up our lovely food with artificial dyes or synthetic coloring? This year, we’re manifesting a subtle, natural rainbow of Easter eggs using homemade dye. Bonus points for creating a perfect bowl of ombré neutrals!


Ideal for your Easter brunch or as a sumptuous snack, these pink pretties pack a major dose of healthy fats and vibrant fiber! We’re digging deviled eggs this spring (and all year ’round, to be totally honest).


Did a few of your Easter eggs get a bit cracked, dented, or otherwise less-than-picture-perfect in the creative process? Worry not, it happens to everyone. And that’s the beauty of Beets & Greens Egg Salad – all the indulgent egg-y goodness, without any cause for aesthetic stress! In fact, we’re pretty sure that egg salad is supposed to be a bit messy.


Whipping up any of these tasty (and pretty) egg n’ beet marvels? We’d love to hear how it goes! Happy Easter!