Power to the Powder!

Beets are a Super Food with a super power…or should we say a super powder. Our product is 100% Pure Beetroot Powder, and 100% delicious! This powder contains all of the health benefits of actual beets, with no prep needed. In fact, 1 tbsp of powder = 3 medium-sized beets.

Along with smoothies, yogurt, sauces, oatmeal, baked goods, or simply adding to a glass of water, try these recipes featuring this super powder!

Raw Donut Holes


Beet Brownie Bites


Chocolate-Beet Molten Lava Ramekin Cakes


Chocolate Beet Butter Cups W/ Raspberry Chia Jam


Spiced Banana Beet Blender Pancakes W/ Pomegranate Seeds & Pecans


Beet Balsamic and Lemon Ginger Shrub


Beet Naan Bread