Love Beets’ Spring Produce Guide

We've rounded up our favorite recipes that feature seasonal spring produce!

With a light dusting of snow on the ground outside of our Philadelphia headquarters, it’s taking a bit of imagination to believe that springtime is very, very close indeed. To brighten our blues and shake off any lingering winter doldrums, we dove deep into our recipe trove to unearth our best spring-produce-spotlights!

Dark, leafy greens will forever have our hearts, and we love the fresh vibrancy of spinach in the spring. Our Red Wine Braised Beet Salad has a deep flavor profile that’s slightly acidic and incredibly satiating. Topped off with vitamin-C powerhouse spinach and iron-boosting beets, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a salad!


Nothing screams springtime quite like asparagus spears on a sizzling grill. These tender green spears are ripe with Vitamin-K and folate, and pair beautifully with fleshy, savory salmon and our sweet beet chutney in our recipe for Grilled Salmon and Asparagus with Beet Cherry Chutney.


Like we said: there is no such thing as too much green in our world. Teriyaki Tofu & Beet Collard Wraps makes the underrated collard green a total superstar in our revamp on a classic wrap. Lauded for their cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory attributes, collard greens and beets are gorgeous to look at and tasty to eat!


Microgreens pack a major nutritious punch – sometimes supplying up to six times the nutritional benefits than their full grown counterparts! We aren’t picky about our micros: from cilantro to dandelion to watercress to lettuce, it’s easy to mix and match your micros and boost your meal’s nutrient-density without tacking on a whole lot of superfluous surface area. Beets & Greens Egg Salad Sammies make the most of these seasonal sprouts (and are a great way to make the most of leftover easter eggs!).


For more information about what’s in season in the spring, check out the official Fruits & Veggies website and let us know how your culinary creations turn out!